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Looking for Group productions specializes in feature and short documentary films in the video game and esports spaces.  


The company was founded by award-winning filmmakers, John Keating and Zachary Henderson. Both are film industry veterans that have spent the last 20 years working their way through the ranks of New York City's film and television industry.


As professionals, they have worked alongside film industry legends Stephen Spielberg, the Coen brothers, Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese and Errol Morris. They have worked on hundreds of projects including Boardwalk Empire, Indiana Jones The Kingdom of the Crystal Skeleton, Burn after Reading, Gossip Girl, 30 Rock, the Sorcerers Apprentice, Garden State, Stepford Wives and many more.


Armed with this incredible amount of experience, they produced their first, award-winning film "Race to World First." 


In 2012, LFG released their first film, the award-winning World of Warcraft based documentary "Race to World First." The film has been viewed 4.5 million times in over 149 countries and garnered critical acclaim from both, gaming communities and film-goers. Race to World First won top honors in its various festival runs and to this day is the top performing documentary of its kind.

LFG followed that success with their next film "GameChangers: Dreams of Blizzcon." Produced by Hollywood legends, Peter Billingsley and Vince Vaughn. This highly acclaimed film brings the viewer back to the roots of esports and tells the story of two professional gamers and how they used esports to pull themselves out of poverty and become champions on the world stage.

Recently, LFG has gone on to produce two short documentary's featured at the Pyeongchang Olympics followed by four short films for Blizzard Entertainment's prestigious "Signature Series." All six of these films have been said to have set a new bar for craftsmanship and storytelling prowess.  They now await their next challenge.


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