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"If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour... you're gonna see some serious shit." -Doc Brown (Back to the Future)

In online gaming worlds, an avatar is said to be "looking for group", when he or she is searching for a team with which to embark on an adventure. 

Looking for Group Productions has spent the last five years on such an adventure, documenting under reported-stories that revolve around online communities and the cultures therein. 

The company was founded by award winning filmmakers, John Keating and Zachary Henderson. Both are film industry veterans that have spent the last 20 years working their way through the ranks of New York City's film and television industry. As professionals, they have worked along side film industry legends Stephen Spielberg, the Cohen brothers, Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese and Errol Morris. They have worked on hundreds of projects including Boardwalk Empire, Indiana Jones The Kingdom of the Crystal Skeleton, Burn after Reading, Gossip Girl, 30 Rock, the Sorcerers Apprentice, Garden State, Stepford Wives and many more.

Armed with this incredible amount of experience, and their vast knowledge and trust within various online communities, they are in a unique position to find and document the amazing stories that lurk just beyond the keyboard.


The company’s first project, "Race to World First" followed the top World of Warcraft teams as they raced to be the first to defeat the hardest monsters in Blizzard Entertainment's massive online universe. The film won best documentary at the Phoenix Comicon and went on to get distribution in the UK and Finland. From there, the film went viral and has since been uploaded over 2 million times in 148 countries. This made it one of the most viewed documentaries of 2012.


Our next film, "Game Changer" documents the struggles and triumphs of the world's top professional gamers. Professional gaming tournaments have exploded in popularity in the last three years. The largest of these tournaments sell out venues like the Staples Center in minutes and their online viewership exceeds 18 million people world wide. There is a tremendous amount at stake as we follow three of the world's top cyber-athletes as they navigate the high pressure lifestyle of professional gaming. 

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